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David TinneyWeb portal of David Tinney. Find interesting articles about being an entrepreneur, or a humanitarian. Learn about eating healthy and alternative methods to living fit, free from disease. Discover the joys of outdoor grilling and tasty barbecue sauces. Acquire tastes for foods from far away, Korea, Mongolia and Texas, a land all it's own.

I've been active on the internet since 1994. Even though the 'web has greatly evolved, the core of it is all about information and communication. And it will always be that way. If you want to be a part of the 'web, post some information that someone else can use or would be intersted in. Because of the nature of the 'web, the world has become smaller, now you can communicate with people from around the world as if they were next door. Cool. One of my passions is writing; books, articles, rants, just about whatever comes to mind or is important at the time. Below is an organized list of my contribution to 'web. Browse and enjoy.

My heart is helping people, especially orphans and under privileged children. Read about our work in Ukraine, how we're assisting orphanages and abandoned babies whom the world ignores or has forgotten.


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  • ::: ENTREPRENEUR :::
    I found my calling in life after I started my first business. I've worked for the other guy and made him a lot of money. I prefer to work for myself to reap greater rewards. I read "Guerrilla Marketing" by Jay conrad Levinson and it caused a mind revolution, totally changed the way I thought about my business. Another guy who's had big impact on my business life is Jeffrey Gitomer, he's funny and right on target.

    Recipes of my favorite foods, ethnic dishes and articles about staying healthy and living a life of wellness.

    ::: TEACHER :::
    Here are a collection of articles I've written, mostly related to being a Christian. They date back to 1998, when I pioneered a church in Northeast Oklahoma. Other articles are from books that I've published in Russian language, three as of October 2006. I'm no theologian, but I've been born again since 1979 and seen a lot. It's my point of view, from my perspective, and I tell it as I see it.

    ::: About David Tinney :::
    All about David's life and history from a child, his interests and passions. David Tinney's Google Profile

    ::: BLOG :::
    I've discovered the joy of blogging. It's so easy to login, type my thoughts, publish and "presto", its on the 'web for all to read. I call them daily rants, or almost daily. I read alot and that stimulates thoughts and they get written down. Now I publish them on the blog. Careful, not for the faint at heart.

    ::: TRAVEL AGENT :::
    In the travel industry since 1991 as an agency owner and active agent as well, I share inside information about the industry to help you be a wiser passenger.

    Two ebooks I've written that will help you are, Rock Bottom Airfares and Why Not Fly Free. Both are from my perspective as an insider of the travel industry and are extremely revealing.

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