Need Some Help Marketing Barbecue Sauce?

I can help you promote your barbecue website so more interested and targeted traffic will flow to your site. The increased traffic will produce more:

~ sales

~ exposure

~ notoriety

~ popularity.

I can help you promote your barbecue sauce or website 5 ways.

#1. Barbecue Sauce of the Month. This is the top slot on directory of barbecue website. This is the position that caused Larry Koch's "Cimarron Doc's Bar-B-Q Sauce and Chili Co" to increase in sales over 40% in 2004.


David Tinney

David Tinney, "my recommendation":
Barbecue Sauce of the month:
Big Rick's Bar-B-Q Sauce. Big Rick's sauces are found in Bar-B-Q restaurants in 21 states. This house painter-turned-BBQ sauce maker is a rags to riches story, his award winning sauces include: four barbecue sauces, five salsas, chipotle ketchup, jalapeno honey mustard and chili fixins. Order online.

The cost: $30 a month, a dollar a day. And a sample bottle of your sauce or rub so I can honestly say I've tasted it and recommend your product.

I also have an email list I send to 3-4 times a month. Your website and contact information will be promoted to this highly targeted, interested list of people who want to receive information about BBQ sauce and recipes from me.

#2. Featured Site. Your barbecue website would be placed at the top of your particular alphabetical listing, along with an image of your logo, address and phone number.


Featured Site
Cimarron Doc BBQ, Rib Rub, Seasoning Cimarron Doc's Bar-B-Q Sauce and Chili Co Award winning sauce, rub and chili seasoning, Doc is a favorite among champions of the Kansas City Barbeque Society. Features online order and periodically offers special pricing. CimarronDoc, 3113 Buffalo Lane, Grove, OK 74344-5501   Phone: (888) 443-4265

The cost: $50 a year, less than a penny a day. No sample is required, but if you send one, I'll add my favorable comment as well.

#3.Alphabetical Listing. If your barbecue website is not contained in the alphabetical list, it should be. I have these requirements though. You must own your own domain and it must be barbecue related. By that I mean you're selling or promoting your own BBQ products online. And, I'll have to be the final judge as to whether it qualifies. Obviously, no hate, porn or anything illegal will qualify.

The cost: Free. Everyone likes that price. The seach engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Excite, etc.) like websites with fresh information. Every month, I add more barbecue websites to the directory but I can only do so much. There's a high probability I've never seen your website so I will be happy to add it to my directory at no charge as long as it meets the qualifications above.

#4. Content. Sometimes, a barbecue website will need some reworking as far as content, wording and meta tags are concerned. I call this making a barbecue website "search engine friendly".

The cost: Negotiable. I'll have to look at your site and evaluate what we need to do to help you out. I've found that most website designers are not very good website marketers. Your website can look beautiful but get no traffic. Website design and website marketing are two entirely different things. All my sites are simple, because design is not my strength but my websites rank well because I know how to market a website.

#5.Indexed in Google & Yahoo. My website is indexed and ranked in all the major search engines, Google being the most important, Yahoo following a distant second place to Google. With your BBQ sauce site included in my directory, it's almost a lead pipe cinch you'll be found by these two important search engines.

You can see from the graph above my barbecue sauce recipe site generates some good traffic for this niche market, "barbecue sauce recipe". This is a very good way for me to help you and it costs you nothing.

The cost: Free. Get your information to me so you can get found by Google and Yahoo. You'll see your traffic increase.

About Me

Also a businessman, I've owned and operated Adventure Travel Service for the past 14 years. Our online presence began in late 1995 and through the course of time, I learned how to do all my own design and website marketing. Investing in eBooks, I learned from some of the best eMarketers of our day, Marlon Sanders and the late Cory Rudl.

Submission Secrets to Google No one disputes the fact Google is the king of search engines. If you have a web site, its imperative for your success your site is listed in Google. This software, called the key to Google's backdoor, is completely legal and has Google's full blessing. Takes the pain and headeache out of getting your pages inexed in Google. 100% Money back guarantee.

By the way, my main BBQ site ranks in the top 10 with Google and Yahoo with more than 20 popular keyword searches.

Marketing, promotion and advertising has to be a win-win, I know this from my own business. It has to work or it's money lost forever. Especially in this specific niche, anything you spend on barbecue website promotion better produce results.

A client asked me once, "Why do you charge so little for your services?"

I answered, "Some people fish, some people play golf. I like to build and promote websites, it's what I like to do in my spare time." And some people like to BBQ, too!

That's why my rates for promoting your barbecue website are so low.

Contact Me

If you are interested in me helping you any, a combination or all of these 4 ways, you need to contact me by email at:


I accept checks for payment of the service I render to you. From my experience, BBQ people are some of the most friendly and honest people on the planet. I've never had one of their checks bounce yet. I can also receive payments via Paypal.

Send your check and samples (if applicable) to:

David Tinney
1629 Pine Drive
Grove, OK 74344

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David Tinney will help you market and promote your barbecue website for literally pennies, thereby increasing sales, exposure, notoriety and popularity. Contact David Tinney today for help in promoting and marketing your barbecue website.