David Tinney
David Tinney

How would you like to be picked up at airport arrivals by a long white or black, stretch limousine? Of course you would. Here are a few tips to make that wish a reality.

Limousines are known for two things; elegance and a high price tag. Therefore, people enjoy traveling in one whenever possible. Airport limousines are not an exception, however, often-times you can get a real bargain if you know some tricks of the trade.

There are many types of limousines; in the beginning and even today some of the luxury line cars are known as limousines because they are spacious, elegant and very expensive. The very first limousine was a modified extended sedan and the only difference was that the passengers had a larger foot rest area than a normal car.

Today there are many types of limousines such as the traditional limo, the stretch limo, the stage limo and the party bus limo. You can find all types of airport limousines as well; but mostly the traditional four to eight doors will be available without booking in advance at most international busy airports.

Getting a Bargain on an Airport Limousine Ride

Small Group. The best way to get a bargain on an airport limousine is if you are traveling in a group. Limousines donít charge by the number of persons, but by the hour and sometimes by distance. Therefore you can split the fee amongst the number of people traveling and thus, you can travel in an airport limousine at a price less than a taxi or shuttle.

Holiday Specials. Other times if you are lucky they may have airport limousine specials especially near holiday such as Christmas, New Years and so on. However taking a limousine on holidays can at times turn against you as most drivers expect a hefty tip for providing services during such festivities and most probably those who travel on such holidays will tip as well.

Book In Advance. Due to the fact that there are a large number of limousine companies, there are a large number of them always at the airport waiting for customers. However, when someone approaches a limousine, the prices are usually outrageously high. Therefore book one in advance from the company and have the limousine or shuttle wait for you when you arrive. The limousine company knows what the peak times are and would rather take a booking in advance then take the chance of waiting for a walk-in customer. This is why you can get a better deal by booking in advance than the ones found at the airport.

Most limousine numbers can be found at airports and usually they are toll-free numbers. Therefore you can call from the airport you leave to the airport you are heading out to and book your limousine or shuttle in time for your arrival. This way you donít have to wait or pay extra in the process.

Another Helpful Tip

You can also enjoy considerable discounts if you book through a company account that may have been using airport limousine services in the past and/or your travel agent who always has some connections with the limousine services.

Whenever you do get to travel in a limousine, sit back and enjoy it even if it is a short ride from the airport home or the other way around. Limousines are classy and elegant and people cannot help but wonder who is riding in them when they see one on the road. So, sit back and enjoy the curious looks and take in the world going by from the comfortable interior of your limo.