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If arriving at Midway or O'Hare airports in Chicago, you'll be surprised at how affordable a chauffer driven limousine can be. Enjoy the comfort and style of a limousine when arriving in Chicago.

There are many reputable limousine rental services in Chicago that provide the type of service you're accustomed to. Links and phone numbers for the top 10 limousine services in Chicago can be found below.

A common misconception that choosing a limousine as a transportation service is expensive. Hiring a limousine is actually very affordable, especially if you're not traveling alone.

The smart way for your group to offset the cost of shuttling from the airport to your meeting or hotel is to rent a limousine. Shuttles charge by the person whereas the cost of a limousine is by the hour, not how many are traveling. Thus you can divide the sum amongst the number of people traveling and you will end up paying less than you would do for a taxi or shuttle. You can ride in style and save money, too!

Obviously, the first thing to consider when you rent a limousine is to select the limousine type. This would depend on which limousine would you feel comfortable riding in and should it be a standard or luxury limousine and whether you require a simple town car or would you prefer a stretch limousine. There are also different limousine models to choose from when you rent a limousine and these may include SUVs and Hummers as well as customized Corvettes or monster trucks.

Helpful Tips For Limousine Rental in Chicago

You can also enjoy considerable discounts if you book through a company account that may have been using airport limousine services in the past and/or your travel agent who always has some connections with the limousine services.

It's also recommended to book a limousine in advance in order to ensure you will get what you want as well as have the time to check and verify all the limousine rental services offered by the company. For example, some limousine rental service websites will advertise a fabulous limousine but will send a drab one instead.

Final Thoughts About Limousine Rental

Driving about in a limousine is not limited to a CEO of a company, celebrity or a pop star. Weddings, bachelor parties and birthday parties are fun occasions that provide a reason to rent a limousine.

Top 10 Chicago Limousine Service

My Limo Driver: 888.980.0088
All Chicago Limousine: 312.988.9280
O'Hare Midaway Limousine: 847.948.8768
Pearl Limousine Chicago: 866.701.8025
Chicago Limos: 800.973.7249
TriStar Limousine of Chicago: 866.458.5466
Chicago Luxury Limousines: 888.639.0222
Your Private Limousine: 888.633.5466
Hinsdale United Limosuine: 630.455.7003
Jones Ideal Limousine: 866.383.7340

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